Pooping Unicorn

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Make your own cute unicorn and take it for a walk, but don’t forget to pick up the poop!
This Joybox contains all the craft items you need, such as wire, straws, feet, plush pieces of poop, paint, eyelets and decorations. All you need to supply yourself are some empty toilet rolls.
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In this Joybox there are some great decorations but you can, of course, choose how you want to decorate your unicorn.
This unicorn works like a puppet. It might take a bit of practice at the beginning, but as soon as you’ve grasped the movements, nothing will stop you!
The poop falls out of the unicorn when he (or she) sits down. Don’t forget to pick them up again!

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Dimensions 33 × 28.5 × 11.5 cm

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